Apps Pros Can’t Live Without

Apps Pros Can’t Live Without

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    It’s a rare mobile app that you actually love using. In a recent tech hangout, we chatted about great tech tools with Robert Schouwenburg, COO of Karma and Jarrod Dicker, the head of commercial product and operations at RebelMouse. Here are a few of their favorite tools and some surprising uses.

    1. Camera.
    Dicker uses his phone’s standard camera app to preserve things like whiteboard drawings in order to preserve them and review them later. Says Dicker, “I take pictures of everything.”

    2. Slack.
    Both Schouwenburg and Dicker swear by this team communication tool for open conversations, real-time documentation and project management. At Karma, Slack has replaced email internally and at Rebelmouse, the tool allows Dicker to seamlessly transition his global team day to night shifts without any gaps in communication. Says Dicker, “We can get caught up without having to slog through emails.”

    3. Evernote.
    Schouwenburg and Dicker both use this app that serves as a mobile workspace, storing notes and documents in the cloud to be accessed by mobile phone, tablet or laptop. These panelists jot down notes anywhere for later use, including when on the subway. Says Schouwenburg, “Evernote is my memory.”

    4. 1Password.
    This solution helps you log into all your preprogrammed apps and sites with a tap of a button, keeping information safe and reducing hassle. Says Schouwenburg, “I don’t have to remember that stuff anymore. It makes my life a little easier.”


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