Top 10 Tips to Making Your Internship a Success

Top 10 Tips to Making Your Internship a Success

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    1. Dress Like a Professional and Be a Professional

    Look the part. Wow them with how professional you are on the outside to help reflect your inner professionalism. Not just on the first day. First impressions are everything. So uphold the first impression you make, because it will be a strong one.

    2. Be Optimistic

    Have a positive attitude. Light up the room as you walk in. You want them to want you there, as much as you want to be there.

    There are also going to be times where there isn’t much to do. Don’t let that get you down. Use that time to follow up on what other people around you are doing.

    3. Show Interest

    Act like you want to be there and ask questions. This is your opportunity to understand what the different jobs at your internship are like. Don’t go in acting like you already know everything there is to know, because you don’t. Be inquisitive and open to learn. Ask for things to do. If they say we don’t have anything now, find something to do.

    4. Be Resourceful

    Your tasks for the day aren’t always going to be handed to you. Ask for something to do. If someone is too busy to help you, find someone else who will.

    5. Be Charming

    Be a nice and genuine person. People are going to be more likely to help you if you are nice to them. Some people are going to be tougher than others. Be sure to turn on the charm. It’ll make it harder for them to say no.

    6. Make Connections

    Networking is important. Creating a professional relationship with the people at your internship is valuable. They will be able to help you long after your internship is over. Maintain those relationships you make and periodically check in with them.

    A lot of places will use your internship as feeders for full time positions. The network you develop in your internships, will be recommendations for you. And it may not be immediately, it may be five years down the road. As you make connections at your intern site, keep those connections.

    7. Be Persistent

    Not only being persistent in your contact with the people at your internship, but also with your attitude. As the weeks progress keep your energy high. Start strong and finish strong. Keep yourself from trailing off. If there is a job you want to learn or something you want to do before you leave, keep asking about it until it happens. Their fear of saying no is probably greater than your fear of rejection.

    8. Take Your Work Home

    Do your research before you arrive. Preparedness goes a long way and people will notice. It’s important to be well informed. Especially if this is something you can see yourself doing in the future. Also, take what you learn at your internship and continue you at school. Whether it’s on your own time or in class.

    9. Do Anything and Everything

    Along with finding work for yourself to do and asking if they need anything, do whatever is asked of you. Even if you don’t want to do it and are not excited about it. You are there to help them in any way you can. Show them what you bring to the table and how they benefit from having you there.

    10. Be Fearless

    Don’t be afraid to make suggestions. Take the initiative. But also know your role. Be perceptive. See peoples’ nonverbal communication style.

    Bring in the confidence that millennials are known for. Take initiative to not only do what is asked of you, but to do it with flying colors. You have already wowed them with your appearance and knowledge, now show them how you can apply this to skill. Make the most of it. That’s really what it comes down to.



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