Fun Facts about Cologne

Fun Facts about Cologne

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    Cologne has a lot to offer. We tell you the Fun Facts about the city.
    • Cologne is one of the oldest cities in Germany and today the fourth largest city in the country.
    • Cologne Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the number one tourist attraction in Germany, is the second tallest church in Europe, standing at 157 m.
    • It took 632 years to build the Cologne Cathedral
    • In Cologne, you will find Germany’s only Palm Tree Alley (at Flora).
    • The famous perfume „Eau de Cologne“ was initially a medicine against the pox. The brand “4711” used to be the house number of its founding company Farina  – at Glockengasse in Cologne.
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    • The famous sprayed banana – the metamorphic symbol for political and social events and for places that display great art is a project started in Cologne by artist Thomas Baumgärtel.
    • Kölsch is the local beer in Cologne. Compared to any other German beers, it tastes sweeter and more refreshing than any other German beer.
    • Although Kölsch comes in small glasses – don’t be mistaken: it is as strong as any other beer in Germany.
    • Cologne is the city of churches. 12 large Roman churches are located within the medieval city walls.
    • Cologne has a top-quality array of cultural attractions: Over 40 museums, more than 110 galleries and numerous workshops all contain top-class artistic treasures from various eras encapsulating almost every style.
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    • Every year, more than six million visitors climb the 533 steps to reach the top of the cathedral spire.
    • Located on the Rhine, Cologne is the fourth-largest city in Germany and the oldest city in Germany, with a history going back almost 2000 years.
    • More than 119 million day trippers are attracted every year by Cologne’s unique sights, the trade fairs, large and small events and the special “Cologne feeling”.
    • Over the course of 2014, the city of Cologne played host to around 45,500  events, attended by 3.65 million visitors.

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