5 Best Anti Aging Facial Exercises

5 Best Anti Aging Facial Exercises

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    Did anyone ever tell you that being serious can make you look older? Well, it’s true! Let me be the first to enlighten you with this eternal truth – making clown faces can bring youthfulness back to your face.

    Just like you have toned your body, you can also tone your face with easy exercises that make you look young. Excited to reverse aging? Read on.

    How Do The Exercises Work?

    A series of exercises performed for a duration of 20 minutes, 6 days a week, will quickly begin to show positive results .

    1. The exercises work the skin’s upper, middle and lower layers.
    2. They lift sagging skin.
    3. Tone underlying muscles.
    4. Help reduce wrinkles.
    5. Improve blood circulation.
    6. Enable better nourishment to the skin.
    7. Bring a healthy glow.
    8. Stimulate collagen production.
    9. Restore skin’s elasticity.
    10. Result in tighter, smoother skin.

    Here Are The Exercises:

    They work really well in releasing tension from your face. So, here we go.

    1. Cheeky Face:

    Cheeky Face

    1. Sit or stand straight.
    2. Inhale deeply, blow your cheeks out and hold the air inside.
    3. Transfer the air from one cheek to the other.
    4. Hold for as long as possible before you expel the breath in a controlled movement.
    5. Repeat 8 or 10 times.

    This tones the skin and muscles. You can perform this anywhere.

    2. Surprised Face:

    Surprised Face exercies

    1. Raise your eyebrows in a surprised expression.
    2. Stretch them as high as you can.
    3. Open your mouth wide; stretch them as much as you can.
    4. If someone catches you doing this exercise, well, act surprised.
    5. Widen your eyes some more if possible.
    6. Repeat about 10 times.

    This will smoothen out your forehead.

    3. Giraffe Face:

    Giraffe Face

    1. Whether you’re sitting or standing, look up and stretch your neck.
    2. While your head is tilted back, try to push your tongue against the top of your mouth.
    3. Alternately, you can also use your index fingers to pull the skin on the neck downwards.
    4. Hold the stretch for 25 seconds.
    5. Return to the first position and repeat the movement.

    The stretching exercise tones the chin and neck region, correcting sagging skin and double chin.

    4. Frown Face:

    Frown Face

    1. Press your index fingers against the outer corners of your eyebrows.
    2. Simultaneously, place both your middle fingers against the inner corners.
    3. This makes a ‘V’ below both eyes.
    4. Apply pressure with the fingers and bring your eyebrows down, thereby making a frown.
    5. Take away your fingers and squint your eyes.
    6. Make your lips as if you are frowning.
    7. Hold for 2 seconds, and then relax.
    8. Repeat the movement 8 times.
    9. Finally relax with your eyes closed.

    This exercise helps with your crow’s feet, droopy eyelids and puffy eyes.

    5. Clown Face:

    Clown Face

    1. Smile widely, ear to ear, with your lips closed.
    2. Try wrinkling your nose.
    3. Now, stop smiling and pucker your lips.
    4. Pull your chin down with your fingers while your mouth remains closed.
    5. Repeat the smile and pucker, holding each expression for 5 seconds.
    6. Continue to make clown faces 10 times in a row.

    It’s your natural face lift. The clown face corrects sagging skin and laugh lines.

    Tried all the exercises? Feel youthful already? Tell me all about it. Do share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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