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Small spaces can be the bane of any flat-dweller’s or home owner’s life. But they can also be a blessing in design disguise. Awkward, small spaces are often a catalyst for change, forcing you to a) clear the clutter and b) come up with clever design ideas you may never have thought of otherwise. From small living rooms to small bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and kids’ rooms, get inspired by these top tips and design ideas for tiny, small spaces.

2633147-janissue-house-13feb15_pr_b_426x639photo: Simon Brown

The wall shelves in the spare room – along with providing storage – draw the eye up, making the cosy ceilings appear higher, while a chair provides double duty as a bedside table.  An olive-stripe flatweave rug from Sinclair Till contrasts with a vibrant tartan rug from Toast used as a bedspread and cushions made from fabric pieces left over from projects.


This living room by Philippa Thorp is actually much smaller than it appears. Every drop of space has been utilised, and every trick in the book employed, to make the space feel bigger and lighter.

Updates-House-11Jul14-Paul-Massey-1_b_426x639photo: Paul Massey

Utilizing a small narrow space, the blue wall draws the eye to the back of the room where the bed had been placed on a raised platform.


Keep your bicycle out of the way and make a stylish feature of it with a wall-mounted bike rack. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be above the fireplace, a hallway will work just as well.

Calamine-Pink-Bedroom_EL_6feb13_pr_b_426x639photo:Farrow & Ball

Tiny bedrooms don’t need to be boring bedrooms. Stick to a two-tone scheme (in this case, pink and white), streamline with clever storage and make a design feature with essential items, like books. A few well-chosen necessities in bold prints (throws, cushions, etc) will add some personality.


Own a small flat? Consider an open-plan kitchen and living room and accent with an elongating mirror to really enhance the space.


Make small spaces look bigger by keeping the area clutter free. Here, built-in storage, a wall-mounted television and shutters (as opposed to curtains) all ensure the floor is kept clear. As a result the room feels super spacious.

Cover photo: Sarah Hogan

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