How to Apply Makeup to Small Eyes

How to Apply Makeup to Small Eyes

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Getting big eyes is common in girls. This is the most popular and most favourite choice of girls because big and prominent eyes give beautiful and appealing look. Someone says that “eyes are the window to the souls” and this is the reason that girls want to make them as big and wonderful as possible. If you have small eyes then it is very important to know what you should do to make them big and more striking. With perfect makeup girls can get beautiful eyes.

Are you worried about your small eyes makeup? Don’t be worried because now this is very easy to get striking eyes makeup through following makeup tips for small eyes.

Got Plucked & Trimmed Eyebrows

Plucked Eyebrows

This is on of the first tips for small eyes to apply makeup on small eyes. For getting perfect makeup, it is necessary to make sure that you get plucked and trimmed eyebrows. It is very important for fine makeup and beautiful look. Well groomed eyebrows are really effective to define the right shape of your eyes. It is also helpful to enhance and enlarge the eyes.

Apply Concealer on Lids

Concealer on Lids

This is also an important and basic practice to apply makeup. Now this is time to prime your eyes. Apply concealer on your eyelids to get effective results. By adding concealer in your eye makeup can give you ling lasting makeup. Frame your eyes carefully.

Enhance Your Small Eyes

Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

It is best for small eyes to apply eye shadow in light color. Apply it from lashes to crease and blend it well towards the tip of eyebrow. After doing this, apply highlighter in perfect way at the outside corners of eyes. Apply dark color eye shadow in the hollow of the arch perfectly. Now blend all colors towards outside by stretching it. Now apply the white or shiny silver shadow under the bow bones to get natural and beautiful look. This practice will also enhance your small eyes and make them large. If your eyelids are too short then it is best to apply light shade over entire lid and dark shade outwards to widen the eyes by enhancing your eyelids. Use an eye shadow which suits your eyes and apply it to the edges of eyes.

Select Eyeliner Color

Eyeliner Color

Now this is time to select eyeliner colors for your small eyes. Make sure that you are choosing eyeliner color that helps to bring out your color. Here are the eyeliner color guidelines for different eyes colors.

  • Plum eyeliner color for green eyes
  • Chocolate brown eyeliner color for blue eyes
  • Pinkish purple eyeliner color for hazel eyes
  • Blue eyeliner color for brown eyes
  • Black eyeliner colors for light brown eyes

Apply Eyeliner

How to Apply Eyeliner

Now this is time to frame your eyes with best and perfectly groomed eyes. Draw a sharp line to the both sides; inside and outside. Use darker color pencil for shaping your eyes properly. Apply eyeliner carefully along your eyelashes.

Apply Mascara

Apply Mascara

Now this is final thing to do. Mascara with right application cam give volume to your eye lashes. So it is important to apply mascara in perfect way with lot of care.

Now this is time to look mirror and get beautiful stunning and admirable look of your eyes by following makeup tricks for small eyes.

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