Rani Kot : Pakistan’s mighty fort

Rani Kot : Pakistan’s mighty fort

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    The Rani Kot fort is an amazing wonder in Pakistan's southern province Sindh. Standing magnanimously, the Rani Kot fort is visible from up to five kilometers away. The fort has walls built of sandstone with 7 rectangular and 38 round bastions along the outer wall.

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    This fort has bewildered many over the years and is still the topic of much debate. This is because the fort basically stands in the middle of nowhere and people are still guessing as to what the original purpose of the fort could have been. What is left of the Rani Kot fort does not have any traces of any city inside the fort and does not even provide evidence of prehistoric origins.

    The fortification wall of the gigantic fort of Rani Kot is 35 kms in length and connects barren hills. According to the UNESCO the fort was built in the first quarter of the l9th century. The fortification wall, which follows the natural contours of the hilly area, has solid semi-circular bastions at intervals. The fortification wall runs on three sides of the area, while on the northern side the lofty peaks of the higher hillocks serve as a wall. A small fortress, about 5-6 miles inside the main gate, appears to have been the royal residence for the ruling family of Mirs. The double door gate lies on the south of the fortress. Inside the gate two nitches are decorated with floral designs and carved stones. The whole architecture of the fort is restricted to stone and lime.

    How to reach to Rani Kot Fort

    Located in the Kirthar Range, the Rani Kot fort is situated around 30 km southwest of Sann, in the Jamshoro District of Sindh.

    This fort is easily accessible from Karachi through the National Highway. After departing from Karachi and passing, head to Dadu through on the Indus Highway. The road is in excellent condition. It’s an hour-long journey to San, the home of Sindhi nationalist, GM Syed. A little further from the town there comes a diversion. A rusty board announces that Rani Kot is some thirty km away. Even though the road is in pathetic condition, the distance can be covered in 30 to 40 minutes.

    Image Source: insider.pk
    Image Source: insider.pk

    You will reach the eastern side of the fort through this road and the passage is known as “Sann Gate”. The walls here are in better condition. Climb up on both sides as it offers a panoramic view of the landscape. The metal road twists and turns and takes you to “Meeri”, a small fortress within the fort housing the royal quarters. From there, one can see “Shergarh”, another fortress, up in the mountain. Visiting Mohan Gate is a must. You have to drive first from the diversion leading to Meeri and after couple of kilometers, abandon the car and take a walk on a treacherous path.

    Rani Kot Fort is not only neglected by scientists. Until recently the Pakistani government has made no move in promoting Rani Kot Fort as a tourist attraction. Thus, visitors to the enormous fort might have the place entirely for themselves.



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