4 delicious,nutritious two-ingredient sandwiches

4 delicious,nutritious two-ingredient sandwiches

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When short of time, packing a lunch or craving a snack, it’s too easy to go for that bag of crisps, a chocolate bar or some other caloric concoction. However, making your own lunch or snack need not be complicated at all. Sometimes the simplest of ingredients impart the best flavour.

Here’s a compilation of four simple and delicious two-ingredient sandwiches from Saveur and Cupofjo.

1. The ‘tomayo’


Grab a slice of crusty bread, toast it and spread mayonnaise on it while it is still hot. You want to some of the mayonnaise to melt and get some oil. Slice tomatoes, red and even some of the less ripe variety like the green or yellow ones and lay on top of the mayonnaise. Sprinkle with sea salt and some freshly ground black pepper. Delicious!

2. Ricotta-honey


Simple sweet and perfect! The creamy Italian ricotta cheese and honey pair dreamily. Spread some ricotta on a toasted slice of crusty bread, you may use brown if you like and pour your favourite honey on top and enjoy. You can take it a bit further by adding some pistachios which add a lovely crunch.

Find out how to make your own ricotta here.

3. Cucumber and cream cheese


Use regular untoasted white bread for this, and layer with cream cheese such as Philadelphia and sliced cucumbers on top. This is crunchy juicy and delicious.

4. Mustard and Cheddar


Multi-grain bread or Rye bread works wonderfully with this but you may use brown if you like. Spread wholegrain mustard onto the slice and top with slices of strong cheddar and the remaining slice. Enjoy.


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