You should NEVER include these 9 things on your CV

You should NEVER include these 9 things on your CV

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    You might just be hurting your application chances by including any of the following points on your CV.


    Here are 9 things you should never include on your CV.

    1. Full Personal Address:

    A general location is perfect, if you are not local to the position you must ALWAYS include info relating to your relocation “relocating to: LOCATION in DATE” or “Happy to relocate”.

    2. A Third Person:

    Never talk about yourself in the third person, this isn’t a magazine interview!

    3. Unexplained Gaps:

    Ensure your CV flows, and makes sense. If you spent 2 years on a sabbatical trekking in the Andes then say so.

    4. Full Reference Details (emails, phone numbers):

    Only at the interview / offer stage should this information be disclosed.

    5. Your Life Story:

    Your CV is an introduction, not a dossier on your life history. Keep it succinct and no longer than 2 pages.

    6. Your Salary Expectations:

    Don’t restrict your chances of an interview (phone / face-to-face), you are better positioned to negotiate a strong salary if you have already excelled in an interview.

    7. An Avalanche of Bullet Points:

    Take the time to write about each section in your CV, bullet points are great but use them sparingly.

    8. Negative Words:

    Leave out all negativity (unfortunately, difficult, frustrating, problems, discouraged) and focus on positive words (achiever, capable, enthusiastic, talented, powerful).

    9. Family Details:

    Avoid listing personal information such as marital status, dependents, religion etc.

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