Seven delicious Mango Recipes

Seven delicious Mango Recipes

We all enjoy the delicious mangoes of Pakistan. These are some of the FUN ways Pakistanis like to enjoy the goodness of this fruit:

1. Mango Shake
Mango milkshake

Who doesn’t love a chilled glass of beverage on a hot summer day? Made with fresh mangoes, milk and ice; this shake is all that you want coming back home from school, college or work!

2. Mango with paratha
mango with paratha

Paratha and mango? Yeah, so the combo sounds weird, but you have to give this a try at least once before you run out of mangoes. Serve it with a chilled glass of sweet lassi <3

3. Mango and milk

Hungry? Mango chunks dipped in cold milk is the perfect snack! Have it during any time of the day! A healthy choice as well.

4. Mango lassi
mango lassi

Don’t feel like having the ordinary lassi? Well throw in some chunks of mangoes and try this heavenly lassi with a twist! Trust me, you will LOVE it!!

5. Mango and cream

If you have unexpected guests coming over, this is the easiest, the quickest dessert to make! Cream, sugar and mangoes is all that you need! Simple right?

6. Mango pulp with poori
Mango with poori

Mash up a mango in a bowl, and serve it with hot deep-fried poori’s or crispy parathas. The perfect choice for dinner! This combo is heavenly!

7. Mango with rice
Mango with rice

Having second thoughts? Well, me too. Mango with rice is a very common dish. Yes, it is, not only in Pakistan but Thailand and India as well! Trying something new causes no harm :)

Do you know any further dishes with mangoes?
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