Youth Ski Camp 2016 in Zarthgurben Shimshal, Pakistan

Youth Ski Camp 2016 in Zarthgurben Shimshal, Pakistan

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    Youth Ski Camp 2016 was organized by Pakistan Youth Outreach program. It was the second phase of the long-term plan producing world class athletes from Pakistan for winter Olympics.


    The event was conducted at Zarthgurben in Upper Hunza, Shimshal village in Pakistan. , It is almost at 4000m above sea level. The participants had a great feeling and learning from making slop by side stepping. It was five times hard than Normal slop. We are hoping and planning to Extend the Slop up to 350 to 400m long and 40 to 50 feet wide, removing the potential dangerous rocks next season and install artificial lift during training.

    Zarthgurben is little difficult to reach, but the view and venue are matchless! The event is to encourage youth in outdoor sports, especially winter sports, encouraging gender equality and women empowerment, hunt for talents and promote winter sports in the country, specifically in Gilgit-Baltistan. A primary purpose of the event is to promote Ski tourism in Pakistan.


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