3 Colour Schemes You Can Never Go Wrong With

3 Colour Schemes You Can Never Go Wrong With

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Colour is one of the fundamental building blocks of an exquisite interior décor, no matter if you own a small studio apartment, a penthouse or a countryside cottage. When it comes to colours, there are dozens of design schools and philosophies all entertaining different and daring ideas. You can mix colours to achieve a minimalist interior design, a sumptuous one, a rustic one, a bohemian one, a contemporary one and so on.

But there are a few chromatic schemes that work well no matter the latest trends in interior architecture, the chosen colours of the year, the type of house you reside in or the size of your indoor living space. Today we will take a look at five colour schemes in interior design that stand the test of time and look forever fresh and fashionable. They can be featured in any room of the house, as they are versatile and easy to achieve.

1. White, Black, and Red

This colour scheme feels exotic and oriental and has clear Asian roots. But you don’t have to throw away your entire furniture, repaint all the walls and buy new pieces in order to achieve a modern and fresh interior design. The secret is to balance the red and the black in an overall white ambiance and enjoy the feeling of a spacious and luminous room sporting a few powerful black and red accents.

You can have a small red accent wall, a black carpet, black and white furniture or accessories, red focus spots translated into throw pillows, curtains or decorative elements. This colour scheme is one of the most appreciated when it comes to designing modern apartment living rooms and bedrooms or open spaces.

2. Pastels with a Dash of Black

If you bring together too many pastel colours in one space you can achieve the sweetest room design possible. However, no matter how comforting, relaxing and peaceful pastels look like together, for some people they are just too sweet. If you don’t want to feel like living in a candy shop but you are not willing to give up on your pastels, then add some dashes of black.

Black manages to bring the room together and harden the overall design, adding a note of elegance and seriousness to balance your sweet tones of cream, blue and pink. Don’t overdo things, however, and use black wisely: it can be featured in accent elements such as throw pillows, vases, picture frames, a coffee table or a carpet. You don’t have to buy pitch black furniture to achieve this bold effect, but add dashes of black here and there.

3. Grey Goes With Bold Colours

In case you didn’t know, there is an entire psychology behind the use of grey in interior design and modern architects fall in love with this neutral colour as time goes by. Grey is the contemporary canvas you can paint on with bold contrasts and nuances in order to achieve a stylish, crisp and urban interior design. You can mix grey with sunflower yellow, tangerine orange, crimson red, lemongrass green and lavender as accent pieces to die for.

In comparison to white backgrounds (which make the contrasting vivid colours to pop), grey backgrounds integrate powerful hues helping them blend in. Looking at things the other way around, vivid colours help grey turn into a more cheerful nuance than the one it is usually associated with. You don’t have to overdo things in this case either. Grey walls make the perfect landscape for you to add boldly coloured accessories such as couch pillows, curtains, art pieces, furniture elements, rugs or fixtures. Grey is usually associated with industrial designs or postmodern urban interiors, but you can sweeten the deal with some wisely chosen pops of bright colours.

Have you ever thought about one of these three chromatic schemes for your own home? Would you try them out for your next apartment redecoration project?


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