Space saving ideas for small bathroom

Space saving ideas for small bathroom

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There’s no doubt that downsizing is on-trend right now. With every week, it seems, a designer comes up with an incredible new version of a tiny house or a series of mind-blowing concepts for fitting out little spaces. If you’ve joined – or are thinking about joining – the downsizing revolution, you’ve landed on the right page.

Here, we take a look at small bathrooms. Living with a tiny bathroom is great! You don’t spend as much money on electricity and you definitely don’t need as much time for cleaning. After all, who wants to be taking care of domestics, when there are so many other, more fun things to be doing?

However, if you don’t want your small bathroom to become a big inconvenience, then you need to put some time into designing and planning. Not an architect or an interior designer? You don’t need to be! The infographic below has come to your rescue!

Its 18 killer ideas will send your bathroom from go to whoa! Within a few smart moves. Ready for a total overhaul? Jump in straight away, with tips for re-painting, re-tiling and structural changes, like new doors and the creation of space-saving recesses.

Prefer to take things more slowly? That’s no problem. Start with teeny-tiny changes, like finding better ways to store your dripping bath mats, hanging mirrors strategically (which people have been doing since Cleopatra walked the Earth) and adding wall-hangings. They don’t cost much, but add loads of storage space.

At the same time, the infographic lets you in on what not to do, like using contrasting shades of paint and tiny tiles. You might not know it, but these can make your already small bathroom seem even smaller!

Start browsing below – you’re sure to find some useful ideas.

18 ideas to make a small bathroom look bigger

Infographics by forpumps


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