“Green Power”: Ox Driven Tube Well, A novel solution by an uneducated...

“Green Power”: Ox Driven Tube Well, A novel solution by an uneducated Farmer

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    Pakistan, the terribly affected by power shortfall. An illiterate non-technical Farmer in Jhang Pakistan has come up with a novel idea, a beautiful combination of old and new.

    Muhammad Chiragh, who lives in the outskirts of Jhang, assembled the parts of various machines, like base part of TOKA, different cogs of Harvester and a four horsepower tube well. Toka is a machine to cut the grass for cattle. “I have collected all the components used to prepare this, from various people free of cost, as I do not afford to buy new”, says Muhammad Chiragh. It took 18 months to complete his new solution successfully.

    According to a native landlord, “this tube well is more efficient than heavy duty electric tube well or the Repeater.” Repeater is a locally manufactured water pump, using diesel engine. It is a favorite source of  irrigation, in the areas without electricity.

    Video report by Geo News Pakistan

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    Pakistani government is failed yet to solve the energy crises in the country. It is not only affecting the social life of the people, but seriously damaging the manufacturing and export capabilities of the country, which used to be a rapidly growing economy.

    Problem is not with the skills of the people of Pakistan or recourses, but it is sheer the will and sincerity of the rulers

    May God Bless Pakistan.



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