Survey: One in four Germans reads at least 10 books a year

Survey: One in four Germans reads at least 10 books a year

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    Just over one in four Germans, or 27 per cent, reads
    more than 10 books a year, according to a survey published on
    Wednesday ahead of the start of the Leipzig Book Fair.
    Women are greater readers than men, with 35 per cent reading more
    than 10 books a year compared to only 19 per cent of men, according
    to the Forsa Institute survey commissioned by the Hamburg-based Stern
    magazine for the book fair.

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    A total of 19 per cent of the Germans surveyed said they read between
    six and 10 books a year, and a further 39 per cent said they read up
    to five annually. Fourteen per cent said they never touched a book.
    Education plays a role in people’s reading habits: while almost a
    third of high-school graduates do not read books, 36 per cent of
    those who stayed on to do university admission exams and also those
    who studied for degrees read more than 10 books a year.
    A representative sample of 1,004 Germans took part in the survey at
    the start of March

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