10 Minute Warm Up Exercise By Tom Green

10 Minute Warm Up Exercise By Tom Green

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    Warming up is very important before you do any rigorous physical activity. However, most warm up exercises take time. What if there is one warm up exercise that can be done in just about ten minutes? Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

    Well, there are a number of warm up routines that usually finish within 10 minutes. What are they? Read on and find out about some popular 10-minute warm up exercises.

    Why Warm Up?

    Jumping directly into a routine can cause injury, and hence it is important to warm up before you exercise. Many experts have different opinions on why you should consider warming up before you workout.

    The Tom Green Routine:

    1. The Toe Walk:


    This is a great warm up exercise, which stimulates nerve activity in your calves and legs. Simply walk on your toes for 60 seconds to increase ankle motion and strengthen your calves.

    2. Jog To Butt-Kicks:


    The most iconic warm up routine ever; think warm up and you can almost picture yourself jogging on the spot. Combining your jog with butt-kicks makes for an effective warm up routine.

    Begin jogging in the same place for at least 3 to 5 minutes. Alternate your jog with a hamstring curl or a butt kick every 30 seconds. Your heels should touch your glutes, but don’t grab your ankles.

    3. Arm Circles/Windmills:


    This exercise helps open up your chest, arms and hands. Begin by extending your hands out and making a “T” with your body. Begin by performing circular motions with your hands. Make 20 circles in one direction before switching sides and doing the same with the other direction.

    4. Squat With Arm Swing:


    This is another great lower body warm up exercise. Begin by bending your knees and getting into a squatting position. As you lower your body, swing your arms in front of your head. Repeat for 60 seconds.

    5. Straight Leg Front Kicks:


    One of the most important warm up exercises, the straight leg front kicks help warm up your legs, hamstrings and calves. To perform the straight leg front kick, stand straight and keep your knees straight. Alternatively, kick each leg up.

    As your hamstrings begin to warm up, increase your range of motion and kick higher and with more intent. Remember to extend your leg as much as you can. Perform at least 25-30 kicks with each leg.

    6. Side Shuffle:


    You will need around 10 feet space to perform this exercise. Begin by placing your feet wide and bending your knees so that you get into a partial squat. Now begin by shuffling to the right for the first three counts. Touch the floor and then shuffle to the left for three counts.

    Perform at least 16 repetitions on each side. You can also do this on a treadmill, switching the direction every 10 to15 seconds.

    This is a very effective 10-minute warm up routine. If you perform this routine before you go on a jog or hit the gym, it will help you begin your endeavor on the right note.

    Tell us about any experiences you may have had with the 10-minute workout. If you know of any variations, or have any suggestions, please tell us about them. Leave a comment below.

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