Your Brain Has No Heart

Your Brain Has No Heart

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    Your brain has no heart and your heart has no brain. So before you speak be careful because if you SPEAK YOUR MIND you may seem HEARTLESS and if you do what is in your heart you will seem THOUGHTLESS……. Confusing right ?

    Yes it is and it is not. You see your brain is the most complicated organ given to you by the creator. Yet it is so simple to operate. Just like a car, you do not need to know how a Ferrari is built and how complicated the engine is. You just need to be a good driver to handle its speed and agility and ENJOY THE RIDE. That is the exact same principle with the Brain. You just need to know how to handle YOUR THOUGHTS without worrying about how actually your BRAIN WORKS. Your mind is the software that runs the hardware called brain. So the hardware is the gift from Allah, and the software is what you develop with your actions and thoughts to take care of your LIFE. If the software is up to its par, the results of those program will be also up to your desires because you are running your software on the best COMPUTER IN THE WORLD, YOUR BRAIN.

    98% of what we know about the brain has been discovered only since 1996. Yes, only in the past 19 years. The more the technology got better over the past two decades with better scanning machines, and software and with imaging and graphics, the easier it became for the Neuro-Scientists to study HOW ACTUALLY THE BRAIN WORKS when a thought passes through it. Or when multiple thoughts pass through it. How neurons get connected and how habits create new NEURON PATHWAYS. Neurons are those small nerves that connect like a network of roads in your brain. We have over 100 billion neurons in our brain. Newer neurons are developed everyday and older ones can disconnect as well. For you to create new HABITS, it is the neurons that help you make those habits PERMANENT or NOT depending upon how strongly you have created your Neuron Pathway by practicing it over and over again, the thoughts that you want to be converted into reality.
    Recent studies have discovered that doing 3 things repeatedly will CREATE AMAZINGLY positive results in your LIFE. Just 3 things in comparison to the many behaviours that scientists have tested in search of making OUR LIVES BETTER. And those 3 things are so simple to do that EVERY ONE OF YOU can do it. But the trick is NOT TO QUESTION how it works because BELIEF is the foundation of BETTERMENT. If you DOUBT, you will lose. You see, belief is also the foundation of our connection with ALLAH. We dont doubt or question how Allah will make our DUAs come true…we ask him and never think twice how he will do it because it is not in our human capacity to think how Allah works. DOUBT on the other hand is the work of the DEVIL. It is THE DEVIL who will try to shake your BELIEF by putting doubts in your mind and you can not have DOUBTS and DUAs at the same time. It is not how it works. Either you doubt or you believe. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. Believe and you shall receive.
    Back to the 3 things that scientists have discovered the most helpful to achieve your goals and better your life.

    1. Write down your goals EVERYDAY on a piece of paper…NOT TYPING but writing in your own handwriting for 40 days.

    2. Visualizing your intended results MANY TIMES a day, and not just before you sleep, creates new neuron pathways in your brain and help you achieve your intended results.

    3. And PASSIONATELY and POSITIVELY saying affirmations in your head will FOCUS your subconscious mind to target your goals like a guided missile.
    All these 3 things, newly discovered though, have been a part of our faith. Allah keeps telling you in Quran that MAYOOSI is Haram. Allah keeps giving you examples of JANNAH by giving you visual descriptions of how it will be, thus CREATING THE ABILITY for you to visualize EVERYTHING, from Jannah to YOUR OWN FUTURE, both places you STILL HAVE NOT VISITED YET. And Allah constantly keeps telling you that REMAIN HOPEFUL about his blessings and ask for his bounties WITH PASSION and POSITIVITY.
    Even the most in depth of research on ANY SUBJECT will return us to his RULES. Anything we discover has already been told to us by him through 124,000 Prophets. So how long will it take you before you start to act upon his INSTRUCTIONS rather than WAIT FOR FURTHER RESEARCH ? It is absolutely up to you.

    Mir Mohammad Alikhan
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