Beautiful restaurants of Islamabad

Beautiful restaurants of Islamabad

Islamabad, sitting at the foothills of Maragalla, is a city known for its serene beauty. Over time as the city has grown, we’ve seen an increase in diversity of ethnicity and with that has come the variety of cuisines.

A city that has locals and foreigners alike, it is now home to some of the most mouth-watering restaurants. Not only do these restaurants tickle your taste buds, but they offer beauty and elegance.

1. Monal
Monal Restaurant

Located on the top of the Margalla Hills. This restaurant not only offers excellent food, but the ambience is breathtaking. Watch the sun set over Islamabad and enjoy a variety of dishes under the stars and moon.

Learn more about Monal on their Facebook Page.

2. Said Pur Village


Located on Margalla Avenue, this old village has had a facelift. Renovations have transformed it into a wondrous place full of exotic and local dishes that taste heavenly. Saidpur allows visitors to see how Islamabad developed and grew as a city. Enjoy a romantic dinner for two or more in a traditional setting.

3. 1969
1969 Restaurant

In the foothills of Shakarparian lies one of the unique themed restaurants of Islamabad. Designed to bring back the thriving sixties, designed with bright colours and flair. The restaurant has newspaper clipping on the walls and as mats from the 60s. With a variety of excellent food available, whether you want continental or authentic Pakistani food, it’s all there.

Learn more about 1969 on their Facebook Page.

4. Khiva Restaurant

Khiva Restaurant

Decorated in an elegant style with locally made artwork, this restaurant offers a traditional feeling atmosphere in attractive, style with excellent cuisine and service.

Learn more about Khiva on their Facebook Page.

5. Tuscany Courtyard

Tuscany Courtyard

Designed to resemble its namesake, Tuscany offers authentic Italian, Thai and Mediterranean cuisines. The ambience takes you to Italy, with a stone courtyard where you can dine and enjoy the pleasant open air environment.

Learn about the Tuscany Courtyard on their Facebook Page.

6. Jason’s Steak House

Jason's Steak House

Though Islamabad has a great many steak houses that offer excellent food, Jason’s Steak house is a personal favourite. The restaurant features a warm, comfortable environment that will make you feel right at home.

7. Pappasallis


It’s been open since 1989. The staff and the setting are beyond excellent, both warm and welcoming. It started off small but has grown and has become a booming restaurant that serves Italian, continental and Pakistani dishes.

Learn more about Pappasallis on their Facebook Page.

8. Savour Food Restaurant

Savour Foods Restaurant

A tasteful Pakistani cuisine restaurant that offers authentic dishes at very reasonable prices. With a relaxed and friendly environment, they offer freshness in taste and cleanliness with the quality as a priority.

Learn more about Savour Foods on their Facebook Page.

9. Siena Restaurant

Siena Restaurant

Elegant and stylish, Siena provides a romantic setting for a quiet dinner. The restaurant specializes in serving deliciously cooked Italian dishes that make your mouth water for more.

Learn more about Siena Restaurant at their Facebook Page.

10. Bolan Saltish Restaurant

Bolan Saltish Restaurant

Located in the Blue Area of Pakistan, this traditional Balochi Restaurant offers unparalleled flavours and taste to tingle the taste buds. The ambience is simple, nothing fancy. Don’t be fooled, however: hidden within the simple setup of the restaurant is taste that takes you to Balochistan.


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