How to deal with Depression and Hardship

How to deal with Depression and Hardship

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    We are all leaders. We really are. We simply need to unleash the power from within.

    “How to deal with depression and hardship is probably the most asked question I received from people”, says the life and dating coach Layan Bubbly. “I think this is one of the most intimate videos I have posted as of yet… SO ENJOY!”


    Layan Bubbly further adds, “It’s not fun to deal with depression, but life is not all fun. I think through my journey, I have discovered that depression is just another word for rediscovery. I think of it as my reality check… If I am depressed by something, then I must be the change. I hope my story inspires you to deal with your hardship and to change the current situation you are in. I deeply believe that true transformation comes from having a coach to guide you every step of the way until you feel ready to take on the role of the leader.”

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    Layan Bubbly
    Layan Bubbly is a life coach and dating expert. She has a passion for the teachings of Love. Layan makes videos that help enlighten and brighten up your day. She believes that together we can make a change in this world!


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