Bizzare Facts About Burning Calories

Bizzare Facts About Burning Calories

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    Here are some weirdest facts on burning calories.

    1. Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories per hour.

    2. You can burn 78 calories by laughing for one full hour.

    3. Do you fidget a lot? If you do, you might be burning 350 calories per day more than a person who stays still.

    4. If you sleep in a slightly cooler environment, you will burn 3 – 5% more calories than than sleeping in a room adjusted at 75 degrees fahrenheit.

    5. Grocery shopping trips burn 156 calories per hour.

    6. Watching horror movie can burn as many as 113 calories in 90 minutes, provided that you are actually scared during the entire movie.

    7. Do you shiver easily in cold? Shivering can burn as much as 400 calories per hour.

    8. Kissing for fifteen minutes burns 30 calories.

    9. Standing in customer service lanes can finally be put to use. Standing in queues burns 114 calories per hour.

    10. Having sex burns 100 calories.

    11. Swallowing and digesting food requires 140 calories per hour.

    12. Singing for an hour while sitting burns 100 calories per hour.

    13. Laughing and crying both burn the roughly the same amount of calories, about 78 per hour.

    14. Using your brain, solving difficult problems, or solving sudoku burns as many as 110 calories per hour.


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